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sophia is my life. oth is my air.

"When you realize who the good people are in your life, you’re so lucky.


Get to know me meme » (1/5) Favourite TV shows

  • One Tree Hill

"It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life." 

top fifteen one tree hill characters
↪11. karen roe

There are 82 letters in here, and they’re all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day, but I never sent them ‘cause I was afraid….I was afraid of getting my heart broken again, like before. ‘Cause you hurt me so bad, and I was afraid to be vulnerable. And I was afraid of you and the way that you make me feel. And I know that doesn’t matter now after what I did, but I just thought that you should know. This was how I spent my summer Luke, wanting you… I was just too scared to admit it.

"When I’m happy I’m a little bit fatter, and I like it. And that’s fine."

Sept 12th, Sophia Bush out and about in Chicago, IL

Sometimes my heart aches at how my life has turned out, in a good way. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been hardships, there have been, but I’m here and here is good.

”Here we are with, a kiss equals a kiss. And the idea is that love should never be divided. That all kisses are equal. And we gave it a little bit of a rock n’ roll vibe, we wanted it to be that classic piece that you can wear forever that looks really cool but then also says something.”